Eric Barone Net Worth

How Much is Eric Barone Net Worth?

Eric Barone Net Worth, the mastermind behind the popular video game “Stardew Valley”, has an estimated net worth of $10 million. Barone is a self-taught programmer and designer who spent five years working on “Stardew Valley” before its release in 2016. The game was an instant success, selling over four million copies within two years.

Eric Barone’s Net Worth

How did Eric Barone make his fortune? The vast majority of Barone’s net worth comes from the sales of “Stardew Valley”. The game has sold over four million copies since its release in 2016, with the majority of those sales coming from digital downloads on platforms like Steam. Physical copies of the game have also been released for consoles like the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4. In total, “Stardew Valley” has generated over $140 million in revenue.

While the overwhelming majority of that money goes to the game’s publisher, Chucklefish Games, Barone still stands to make a hefty profit. Along with a percentage of each sale, Barone also receives royalties from merchandise based on “Stardew Valley”. T-shirts, keychains, and even cookbooks bearing the game’s name and logo have been produced and sold to fans eager to show their support for their favorite game. All told, it’s estimated that Barone has made around $10 million from “Stardew Valley” sales and merchandise.

Eric Barone’s Other Ventures

While “Stardew Valley” is by far the most successful project that Eric Barone has worked on, it isn’t his only venture into the world of video games. In 2009, he released his first game, “River City Ransom: Underground”, a sequel to the classic NES beat-em-up “River City Ransom”. However, the game was not as successful as “Stardew Valley”, selling only around 500 copies. Undeterred, Barone continued to work on small projects until he finally achieved widespread success with “Stardew Valley”.


With an estimated net worth of $10 million, Eric Barone is far from being a household name. But within the video game industry, he is considered a veritable legend. The self-taught programmer and designer spent five years working on his magnum opus, “Stardew Valley”, before it was finally released in 2016. The game was an instant hit, selling over four million copies and generating over $140 million in revenue within two years. Thanks to this incredible success, Eric Barone’s net worth is now estimated to be $10 million. Not bad for a guy who started making games in his basement!

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