Feras Antoon Net Worth

How Much is Feras Antoon Net Worth?

How much is Feras Antoon actually worth? Feras Antoon is the co-founder and CEO of Rentfaster.ca, a Canadian apartment rental listing website. He is also a co-founder of BuySellAds, an online advertising marketplace.

Feras Antoon’s net worth is estimated to be $100 million. The vast majority of his wealth comes from his stakes in Rentfaster.ca and BuySellAds. He also owns a number of properties and has investments in other tech companies.

Antoon was born in Lebanon but moved to Canada with his family as a child. He studied computer science at the University of Calgary and later worked as a software engineer for a number of companies, including Microsoft. In 2006, he co-founded Rentfaster.ca with partner Justin Bedard. The website quickly became one of the most popular rental listing sites in Canada.

In 2007, Antoon and Bedard launched BuySellAds, an online marketplace that connects advertisers with publishers looking to sell ad space on their websites. The company was a huge success and was eventually sold to Acquisio for $121 million in 2015.


Feras Antoon is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the tech industry. He is the co-founder of two successful companies, Rentfaster.ca and BuySellAds, and has an estimated net worth of $100 million. Not bad for a self-made man!

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