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How Much is Yalitza Aparicio Net Worth?

But what is Yalitza Aparicio net worth? Let’s take a look. Yalitza Aparicio is a Mexican actress and producer who rose to prominence after starring in the 2018 film Roma. The movie was both a critical and commercial success, earning over $170 million dollars at the box office and winning several Academy Awards, including Best Director for Alfonso Cuarón.

Yalitza Aparicio’s Net Worth

Yalitza Aparicio has an estimated net worth of $3 million dollars. She has earned her fortune through her successful acting career. In addition to Roma, she has also starred in the films Todos Lo Saben and Las Niñas Bien. She is currently filming the upcoming movie La Leyenda Negra.

Aparicio is also a producer. She has produced several short films, including Cuatro Lunas and La Conquista del Espacio. In 2019, she founded her own production company, Canana Films. The company has produced several films and documentaries, including Yalitza Aparicio’s Roma and Las Niñas Bien.

In addition to her work in film, Aparicio has also done modeling work. She has appeared in campaigns for companies like L’Oréal, Louis Vuitton, and Miu Miu. She has also graced the covers of magazines like Vogue Mexico and Harper’s Bazaar Mexico.


Yalitza Aparicio is a Mexican actress and producer with an estimated net worth of $3 million dollars. She rose to prominence after starring in the 2018 film Roma, which was both a critical and commercial success. In addition to her work in film, she has also done modeling work for companies like L’Oréal, Louis Vuitton, and Miu Miu.


What is Yalitza Aparicio known for?

Yalitza Aparicio is a Mexican actress, model, and social activist who has taken the world by storm. She gained worldwide fame and recognition after starring in Alfonso Cuarón’s critically acclaimed drama film Roma (2018). She was the first Indigenous woman to be nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Actress category.

Aparicio was born on December 11, 1993 in Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca de Juárez Mexico to parents Gabriel Aparicio and Natalia C. Martinez Ramos. Her mother is from Xochistlahuaca Guerrero while her father belongs to Tlaxiaco Oaxaca. Growing up she attended school at The School of Natural Sciences at UNAM where she graduated as a teacher of preprimary education specializing in physical education and artistic activities before beginning her professional acting career.

Prior to being cast for the lead role in “Roma,” Yalitza had little experience with acting—in fact her only previous credits were some commercials advertisements that were filmed when she was younger but never aired; thus making Aparicio a self-taught actress who learned by studying movies and doing research ahead of filming each scene during the production of “Roma.” This dedication resulted in not only recognized as one of Variety’s 10 Latinxs To Watch list but also various awards such as the Silver Bear award for best actress at Berlin Film Festival 2018, Ariel Awards 2018, Goya Awards 2019 among many others which have made Yalitza become iconic within this industry despite having just started out.

In addition to her work as an actor, Yalitza has often used public platforms to shed light on important issues that affect Indigenous communities across Mexico including poverty reduction initiatives running through indigenous organizations such us Centro Integral para el Desarrollo de la Mujer Indigena (CIDMI) or Instituto Nacional Indigenista (INI). Through these efforts, she advocates for increased focus on foster care assistance programs similar than those existing today like DIF which provides support services like medical assistance or food access focusing especially on rural indigenous communities living in poverty due to their isolation from rest of society lack of resources among other vulnerabilities they may face due language barriers. These advocacy works have earned Yalitza numerous honors from international organizations such as UNESCO awarding her with its World Dialogue honor in 2020 recognizing all activists contributing positively towards unification between diverse peoples globally through dialogue leaving an indelible mark within global culture by empowering minorities worldwide showcasing obvious talent culminating into much more than just another artist representing Mexico abroad but rather becoming pillar unity culture growth thriving humanity forward thanks invaluable contributions people like Yilatsi continuing to promote compassion understanding create positive environment where respect human rights always prevail throughout our world no matter circumstances we find ourselves facing life moment time.

Does Yalitza Aparicio speak English?

Yes, Yalitza Aparicio does speak English. She is a Mexican actress and has been seen speaking both Spanish and English during public appearances.

Aparicio began learning English at the age of 12 when she joined an after-school program for kids in her small hometown of Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca. She continued to study the language throughout her teenage years and today can converse in both Spanish and English fluently.

In interviews, Aparicio often speaks with a mix of Spanish and colloquial English phrases that have become a trademark since she achieved international recognition with her Academy Award-nominated performance in “Roma,” where she played Cleo–a young indigenous woman working as a housekeeper for an upper middle class family in Mexico City. In the film, Aparicio combined several dialects of Mixteco–her native language–to bring authenticity to her role as well as sprinkle some cultural elements into the movie dialogue.

When asked about why it was important to learn English at such an early stage of life on The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast, Aparicio told host Scott Feinberg: “I knew that if I wanted to come out of my little bubble (of Tlaxiaco) I would need another language because knowing only one wouldn’t be enough.” Today, having two languages allows Yalitza to communicate with people from different backgrounds which is very beneficial given her rising success within Mexico’s entertainment industry as well as abroad.

Is yalitza Aparicio American?

No, Yalitza Aparicio is not American. She is Mexican and a native of Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca. She was born on 3 December 1993 in Mexico and currently resides there with her family.

Yalitza rose to fame after being cast as Cleo in Alfonso Cuaron’s 2018 Academy Award-winning film Roma, becoming the first indigenous woman to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress. Her success has made her an inspiration for women around the world, no matter their cultural background or economic status.

In 2017 she received an invitation from Hollywood directors Guillermo del Toro and Alfonso Cuarón to audition for Roma – a semi-biographical film about Cuarón’s upbringing in Mexico City during the 1970s – which went on to win Best Picture at this year’s Oscars ceremony. Although she initially thought it was a prank call because she had no acting experience before landing the part, Yalitza continued with her audition which got her the role despite having no formal acting training or knowledge of filmmaking. This goes against many traditional standards in acting where decades of training are required before one can land big movie roles; proving that talent trumps everything (even experience).

Yalitza continues to inspire people through her work both onscreen as well as off screen with social activism such as Indigenous rights awareness campaigns with Amnesty International Mexico and other NGOs like UN Women México. As someone who grew up living amongst indigenous communities in Southern Mexico and experienced firsthand discrimination of people based on skin color or heritage, she has been actively working towards fighting racism while using her newfound platform resulting from star power brought by doing Roma – ultimately making history as the first actress from Latin America and only second indigenous woman overall ever nominated for student at The Oscars next year 2020!

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